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Castle Worldwide

About Castle Worldwide

Castle is an accomplished certification and licensure testing company. We move your people to excel through the development of testing, training, and high

stakes certification programs. Castle has an expert team of testing professionals who understands what it takes to deliver a quality testing program. Experience

is morethan the makeup of our people, it is everything. Throughout our 28 year history, our work has allowed us to help some of the most prestigious

organizations in the world discover quality testing solutions. We invite you to work with a team who is dedicated to your success and with whom you can trust

will deliver a seamless experience. 

Test Delivery

Castle offers you a choice in the delivery technique that will best suit your candidates.

  •  Internet-based testing in secure, proctored sites
  •  Paper and pencil based testing in secure, proctored sites
  •  Online low- to mid-stakes or practice testing
  •  Online, live proctored testing

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